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Tech Page

Please Download the Following PDF as Required. For all custom drawings please return email to

Pro1 Suit Sizes

Pro1 Sfi Race Suit Size Guide Chart

Sfi Race Boot Sizes

Sfi Pro1 Race boot Size Chart

Pro1 Sfi Race Glove Sizes

Pro1 Sfi Race glove size chart

Pro1 Snell Helmet Size Chart

Pro1 Snell Helmets Size Chart

Custom Race Suits

Custom Suit Size Chart


Kenco Strut Settings and How to Adjust

Kenco Strut Settings


Kenco Strut Length – Standard Series and Short Series

Strut Lengths


Custom Fuel Cell Form – Aluminium

Custom Fuel Cell


Conditions of Sale Pro1 Race Parts

Conditions of Sale


Race Products 1500 Series Full Floating Diff Assembly

1500 Alloy_Floater_Kit_Info _Sheet3 (1)


Race Products 1500 Series Full Floating Diff Assembly

750SER_Camber_Info _Sheet_3


UNIFILTER – Check out the Getting in the Dirt Filter Flyer by Uni Filter. We have a huge range in Stock or Call us for your Custom Needs

Race Rally Air Filter Speedway Sprintcar


STAND 21 Hans Device Size Chart

Stand 21 Hans Device Sizing chart Pro1

Borgwarner Diff Gears and Spool Series Information

What Series is my Borgwarner Differential ??

75 Series 25 Spline – VB to Early VK Commodore

75 | 76 | 78 Series 28 Spline – Late VK Commodore, VL | VN | VP | VR | VS Commodore. SOME VT | VX | VY | VZ Commodores. EB | ED | EL | EF | AU Falcon. BA – BF Flacon | XR6 Non Turbo. R31 6 cyl Skyline

80 Series 28 Spline – FG Ford Falcon | XR6 Non Turbo, SOME VT | VX | VY | VZ Holden Commodores.

NOTES – Series 75 | 76 | 78 | 80 Available in both 28 Spline and 31 Spline Mini and Full | Maxi 80 Series will fit into 78 Series using 1 Pin Only. This is a guide only and we take no responsibility for wrong information. Check your diff to confirm your series.


Pro1 Fuel Regulator Diagram